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Sabtu, 03 Maret 2012

"Love Letter to a soldier: wins STOS Festival Film

EngageMedia video wins STOS Festival 2012 Best Documentary  An EngageMedia film, "Love Letter to the Soldier", won the South to South Festival 2012 Award for Best Documentary category on Sunday 26 February 2012 in Jakarta. Director Wenda Tokomonowir accepted the award.
Maria Goreti and her daughter Yani
"This is not just a one-off video, I will continue to produce and show other stories of Papuans surviving amidst the insurgence of multinational companies and government greed," said Wenda.

"Love Letter to the Soldier", or in Indonesian "Surat Cinta Buat Sang Prada", is a video letter by Papuan woman Maria 'Eti' Goreti to Private Samsul Bacharudin, an Indonesian soldier who was stationed at her village. The village, Bupul, is near the border of Indonesia (Merauke, Papua) and Papua New Guinea and is guarded by the Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI) Border Control.